Episode 525. Ten Year Highlights

Episode 417. Comedy Cast Notes

Episode 412. ‘Martian American’ Dude

Episode 403. The Reston Extravaganza

Episode 399. The Second City

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Episode 372. There’s Always One

Episode 361. A Comedian’s Prayer

Episode 333. My Willy Matters

Episode 328. Our Reduced Workshops

March Madness! April Absurdity!

The Complete World of Sports (abridged)After a brief time-out, the Reduced Shakespeare Company take to the field once again with The Complete World of Sports (abridged). Whoop and holler and hurl your hotdog as we attempt to reduce every sport in the history of the world – from archery to wrestling, from basketball to bocce ball, from championship chess to professional ping-pong and everything in between! 3,477.3 sports reduced into one mad dash to the finish line! Impossible! No WAY, you say! YES way, say we! We have been training literally minutes for this! Bring your poms poms to:Continue reading

Episode 273. Audition Glory Stories

Episode 240. Final ‘Hollywood’ Thoughts

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…

Episode 235. Mile High Podcast

Episode 228. We’re Catching Up

Episode 225. Sophomoric, N’est-ce Pas?

Episode 222. The Best Friend


Episode 202. Our Asian Invasion

ASIAN Invasion

Episode 191. Folger Shakespeare Library

Episode 190. Worst Jobs Ever

RSC ARE THE “Talk of the Nation” on NPR! Listen here…

Episode 186. The Conti Beat


OUR NATION’S CAPITAL Goes Completely Hollywood!

Episode 179. Comedy That Offends

Episode 167. Festus Is Back!

Episode 126. Audiences Talk Back

Episode 117. Educate Motivate Inspire

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