Episode 333. My Willy Matters

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The Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastHappy Death-And-Day-We’ve-All-Agreed-To-Accept-As-Your-Birthday, Willy! In honor of William Shakespeare turning the big 4-4-9, we gather a mighty quorum, fully eleven-thirds of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, to discuss the Bard’s lasting influence, his greatest interpreters, and amazing bowling prowess. Featuring shout-outs to great Shakespeareans, dares to teenagers, how you can probably speak more Shakespeare than you know, a special appearance by Folger Shakespeare Library Director Michael Witmore, and the joy of playing Shakespearean roles without all that pesky poetry. What a piece of work is this man! (Length 29:42)

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Megan · April 25, 2013 at 1:15 am

Like Matt, I love Shakespeare’s use of language and the amazing pictures he paints with his words. The St. Crispin’s Day Speech from Henry V is one of my all time favourite passages of writing and in my humble opinion, there will never be another piece of writing like it…EVER!

I will never forget hearing the whole speech done verbatim without notes by my 11th or 12th grade English teacher which is when I fell headlong in love with Willy.

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