The Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastReed Martin, Dominic Conti, and Austin Tichenor take a break from rehearsing the world premiere of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. The boys talk about how it’s going and share typical rehearsal room antics, excerpts from the show, a discussion of fools both Shakespearean and Molierean, comic influences, commedia archetypes in both Friends and The Simpsons, the burden of being labeled a jester, and the music of the whoopee cushion. (Length 20:36)

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Joshwald Martinez · November 11, 2013 at 8:21 pm

I wrote a paper on the Commedia dell’Arte and Moliere last year for history– I knew some people cared about this stuff! Great podcast.

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