Episode 273. Audition Glory Stories

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Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastAudition glory this week, both the ones we won and the ones that got away. We share tales of auditions that went spectacularly well and gloriously bad, and talk about how to shake it off, survive in the room, and live to audition another day. Featuring disasters, success stories, a special appearance by Conor Lastowka from the Citation Needed Podcast and Rifftrax.com, and secrets to putting your best foot forward. (Length 25:54)


austin · April 24, 2012 at 11:58 am

Excellent moral. Thanks for sharing!

Kalin Jordan · April 24, 2012 at 11:52 am

A few summers ago I was auditioning for a really awful show about the environment. The show would travel to various elementary schools and we would sing, dance, and show them all how to recycle. O, yes, and we would all be playing cows. I had not prepared well for the audition, and a few days before I had contracted pink eye – a whole other story. As I drove to the audition, my car broke down. I had to call the director and push back my time. My mom picked me up and drove me, forty minutes to this audition. I looked in the mirror before walking in, one of my eyes was swollen shut completely and the other would just open enough for me to see. I went in as confident as I could. The director was very nice, but I could tell that he was shocked by my appearance. I assured him that I was on my way to the dr. after this and I’d be fine in a week. I proceeded to sing, “Good Morning Baltimore”. Trying to maneuver on the stage with only one good eye was pretty damn difficult. I tripped a few times on various props that were lying on the stage. I then had to recite a monologue from the show, which I butchered. Before I could even get to the second paragraph the director interrupted me “Thank you. We will be in touch.” The kiss of death for any actor. Needless to say I did not get into that show, but an audition I had go on the week before – pre pink eye, I did get. Moral of the story – if you have pink eye, just stay home.

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