Old friend Matthew Croke discusses his newly-published memoir Yes, And…: A Journey of Hope Through Tragedy, which begins with the discovery that his wife Lisa’s cancer has returned while she’s pregnant with their third daughter. During this time, Matt kept a journal which became an up-close and personal account of what friends and family said they couldn’t even imagine: two sick women and a baby on the way, difficult decisions, fights, victories, self-doubt, raising two kids, and the realization that life was in constant transition. Featuring the ability to handle circumstances you don’t want; how to draw strength from the rules of improvisation; how to best honor the loved ones you’ve lost; and how to handle it when your daughter asks, “Is this lady going to be my new mommy?” (Length 28:08)

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Jeanine Fearns · March 3, 2017 at 3:01 pm

Matt Croke is a distant cousin of mine, tho’ we have never met. Our grandmothers were sisters in Chicago. I am very impressed by this book and with Matt. I wish you much good luck with your book, Matt, and would enjoy meeting you. Jeanine Zavrel Fearns, Fairfax, VA.

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