Change The Podcast?

On the eve of the RSC Podcast’s 15th anniversary, podcast host and RSC actor/consigliere Matthew Croke (surrounded, left), joins us to discuss whether it’s time to change things up. What do you think? Should we change the format or the emphasis? Make it longer or more infrequent? Should we eliminate some annoying tics or regular features, or is it just perfect the way it is? Let us know what you think as we discuss how to stimulate engagement; changing trends; supply and demand; the importance of stories and anecdotes; unnecessary whining; more inside baseball; which Stephen King novel would make a good Shakespeare play; and – most importantly – which Shakespeare character would make the best Starfleet captain. Also: Should we upgrade our equipment?? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! (Length 21:03)

Episode 533. Matt Croke’s Memoir

Episode 525. Ten Year Highlights

Episode 451. Our First Repeat

Episode 409. More Lost Works

Episode 403. The Reston Extravaganza

Episode 399. The Second City

Episode 284. The Widow’s Voice

Episode 248. Matson V. Croke


Episode 229. Our Christmas Show

Episode 227. Sharing Lisa’s Story

Episode 159. Our Holiday Traditions

Episode 130. Teachers We Love

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Episode 126. Audiences Talk Back

Episode 121. Places We’ve Stayed

Episode 111. Fall Tour Stories

Episode 102. Soothing Epsom Assaults

Episode 101. Clown College Reunion

Lisa Croke Charity Benefit

Lisa Croke (1969-2008)

Episode 89. Our Lisa Moments

Episode 79. We’re Always On

Episode 72. The Authorship Question

Episode 68. The Alaska Story

Episode 56. What Are We

Episode 55. Holiday Panic Begins

Episode 53. Just For Us

Episode 50. San Francisco Treats

Episode 48. Play By Play (Pt. 2)

Episode 47. Play By Play (Pt. 1)

Episode 46. The Chicago Guys

Episode 39. Behind The Table

Episode 38. Memories of Edinburgh

Episode 35. Best Podcast Ever!

Episode 34. The Windy City

Episode 32. The Celtic Tiger

Episode 31. Happy Birthday America!

Episode 29. The Word Nerds

Episode 25. Follow The Mistakes!

Episode 24. Let It Snow!

Episode 8. Words Words Words!

Episode 7. Be A Clown!

Episode 3. Happy Wholesome Holidays