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Yes, Twitter is a time-sucking distraction from your real life. We don’t disagree.

But it’s also the fastest and easiest way to keep up with Reduced Shakespeare Company activities in anything approaching real-time.

Some RSC fans have families, jobs, other interests and demands on their time. We’re not happy about this, but we understand.

Sure, you can listen to our podcasts, subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and interact with other RSC fans on our Online Forum and our Facebook Fan Page.

But if you want to find out what the RSC is up to — right this very minute — then Follow us on Twitter. With a 140-character limit, Twitter is really reduced blogging: real-time activities distilled to their 140-character essense. Recently, we’ve tweeted posts from the road, posts from RSC HQ, links from other theaters and writers we Follow, photos from radio studios, and even tweets and photos during live performances!

You can also choose to Follow RSC actors Reed Martin, Matt Rippy, Austin TichenorBrad HarbaughJeff Marlow, and Michael Faulkner, as well as RSC Office Manager Alli Bostedt. You can even Follow the RSC’s booking agent Neil Benson.

And you can hear Austin Tichenor speaking with NPR Weekend Edition host Scott Simon about the Reduced Music and Movie Name Game they played on Twitter.

If you’re nervous about joining Twitter, don’t be. It’s easy and fun. Here’s a good article that’ll get you started. Here’s another article that perfectly captures Twitter’s stumbles and misperceptions.

Follow us on Twitter, and tweet back to us! You’ll be glad you did.