1. Damn. I *soo* wanted to Not Approve this comment! Just…couldn’t…do it.

    Thanks, Greg. Many congrats to your wife, and much love and respect to you both.

  2. By far, the best podcast ever from the RSC. An amazing story from Matt and thanks to him for coming out and sharing with everyone. My wife (the Dallas rugby lady) has successfully beaten a brain tumor that was discovered a year ago. I can relate to all the turmoil and emotions that Matt and anyone in the same situation goes through, while trying to raise my children at the same time. My story has a happy ending, so I can’t begin to understand the grief that Matt feels, but I am so uplifted to see his strength and bravery in going forward in the way I am sure Lisa wants. I am proud to be a contributor to Matt’s project and wish him and the girls the greatest life going forward.

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