1. Christina McDougall

    Well – having been an usher at the Terrace Theater in the Kennedy Center for Bill Matson while Matt Croke was performing with the RSC, I have to say this whole Harry Potter – 1st edition book thing… it’s definitely Matt’s fault. Entirely Matt’s fault. I’m pretty darn sure I saw Matt drop the book down the Green Room toilet when Bill was out of the room. Or it could have been the dressing room toilet, but it was definitely Matt and a toilet. Or Austin. But definitely the Harry Potter book. If you need me to testify, just let me know. We ushers see everything… unless I don’t have my flashlight.

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Tacoma, WA in March. This time, I have a seat… in the front row. I’ll leave my fancy red KenCen jacket at home.

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