Episode 402. The Pleasance Courtyard

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photoLIVE! (ish) from the Pleasance Courtyard, the throbbing hub of theatrical activity here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, comes this collection of pitches from people selling some of the more than three thousand shows being performed this year. Featuring our reduced tribute to Robin Williams, rules for doing sh*t-faced Shakespeare, denizens of the Night Bus, the essence of the Fringe, time-travel sketch comedy, an unearthly pitch from the VocaPeople, and a special appearance from BBC Radio legend and Fringe stalwart Nicholas Parsons. (Length 24:28)

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Johanne - The Danish Ophelia · August 19, 2014 at 10:21 am

Absolutely loved this podcast – especially the song! Would Loooove to see the show – but alas, my scedule prevents it. Have fun for the last couple of days in Edinburgh!

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