Tales Of Edinburgh

Episode 607. Getting To Edinburgh

Episode 556. Abridged Too Far?

We premiered our one-hour version of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last week, and RSC UK cast members Joseph Maudsley, Matt Pearson, and James Percy discuss the ups and downs of further reduction. Featuring problems with pacing, riding over slumps, totally different experiences, 30-year anniversaries, terrific venues, Fringe memories, swan songs, retained poignancy, the challenges of dealing with audience volunteers, and also the challenge of being an audience volunteer. Puckin’ Ariel! (Length 20:29)

Episode 547. Playing The Festivals

Episode 511. Improvising Jane Austen

Episode 508. Tim’s Shakespearean Ancestors

Episode 507. Our Edinburgh Favorites

Episode 504. Our Edinburgh Plans

Episode 402. The Pleasance Courtyard

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