Here’s Part Two of our conversation with the host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Lawrence O’Donnell, who talks about Mister Sterling, the show he created that starred Josh Brolin as a newly-appointed senator from California who everyone assumes is a Democrat. (Part One of our conversation is here.) Lawrence shares behind-the-scenes tales of TV production; his favorite bits of direction; the real-life sources of drama and inspirations for fictional characters; the identity of the so-called “101st Senator;” how actors remember forever the parts they don’t get; how casting sessions work (and don’t work); games senate staffs play; shout-outs to great and important mentors; the possibilities and challenges of rebooting Mister Sterling or any shows like it; the extraordinary journey it took to realize multiple Tony-winning actor Audra McDonald was right for a role; things you can still shoot in quarantine; and, in a 17-year-old journalistic coup — and after 700 episodes — Finally! The RSC Podcast has its first scoop! (Length 34:06)

  1. Hi Austin…..l am SO sorry, l have only just picked up your reply and it may be far too late to say ‘of course’ to your request to put my words on a poster. l really hope that you bring the show back to York, if only so that l get out again ( only joking) For my sins l am a proff audio describer so work on literally hundreds of shows – yours is still one of my top ten though!!

  2. Thank you, Jill! You either have exquisite taste or need to get out more. Would you mind if we put your words on a poster? “If there was an Olympic Sport for making people cry with laughing, these guys would win the Gold Medal!” – Jill, that woman we met in the lobby that time. Many thanks!!

  3. Went to York Theatre Royal today to see ‘The Complete world of Sports’ by the Reduced Shakespeare Company ……if there was an Olympic Sport for making people cry with laughing these guys would win the Gold Medal, hands down. Their infectious enthusiasm, wit and sheer manic energy was absolutely brilliant . Stopping yourself from giggling long after the show has finished is a real problem tho !!

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