Second City alumnus Brian Stack (The Late Show with Stephen ColbertLate Night and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien) has a knowledge of popular music that’s both broad and deep, and this week he shares with us the kind of music that gets him through tough times (like, say, a pandemic); how music intersects with comedy in surprising and hysterical ways; how Van Morrison is perfect for any occasion; his outstanding Neal Young and Michael Macdonald impressions; some comedic inspiration from Men Without Hats; and the importance of sharing your music (while not, of course, sharing your germs). (Length 23:08)

  1. I was fortunate enough to have seen both the DVD and a live performance in Aberystwyth University while on holiday in the UK from America in mid-June. Bravo! The DVD kept me laughing, and the live performance was even better yet. I highly recommend the company. If at all possible, I recommend to people that they try to catch a live performance.

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