Episode 259. Backstage at ‘Spiderman’

Veteran actor Ken Marks talks about creating the role of Uncle Ben in the infamous musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. Ken talks about the dangers and the adventure of not only surviving the huge technical spectacle that is the physical production of Spiderman, but the creation of the musical as well. Featuring important backstage safety tips and a special holiday appearance from jazz guitarist Eric Essix. (Length 19:55)

Episode 256. We Review ‘Anonymous’

During a break from our successful run of The Complete World of Sports (abridged) at the New Victory Theatre in New York City, we aim our satirical guns at the much-debated film “Anonymous” and the theories that underlie it. Joined by theatrical pundit and raconteur Howard Sherman, the members of the RSC (Reed Martin, Matt Rippy, Austin Tichenor, and office manager Alli Bostedt) improvised their review and analysis in the offices of the New Victory Theater immediately after the film. Featuring differing opinions, much benefit of the doubt, unabridged wig appreciation, a perfect critical response from NPR’s Bob Mondello — and zero convincing. For a definitive rebuttal to the so-called Authorship Question, download the entirely free PDF “Shakespeare Bites Back: Not So Anonymous,” by Rev. Dr. Paul Edmondson and Prof. Stanley Wells, CBE of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. (Length 26:53)

Episode 245. 30th Anniversary Webcast

August 8, 2011 was the 30th anniversary of the very first performance by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, so we joined founding members Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield, and Sa Winfield on the actual site (it’s now a golf course) for our very first live webcast to honor that momentous event. Part one of the audio highlights features comparisons between Hamlets old and new, the perils and pitfalls of performing at Renaissance Faires, early rejected RSC names, the origins of “green jello,” and the artistic benefits of pure old-fashioned greed. LISTEN TO PART TWO OF THIS HISTORIC REMINISCENCE HERE! (Pictured l-r: Reed Martin, Jess Winfield, Daniel Singer, Austin Tichenor at the “RSC Extravaganza” held at the Center Theatre in Reston, VA in 2014.) (Length 32:57)

Episode 236. Meet Ian Gomez

Second City alum, character actor, improviser, TV star, and couch potato Ian Gomez talks about the wide range of roles he’s played, and how he managed to feature in not one but two landmark pop-culture weddings. Featuring backstage dirt from Cougar Town and Felicity, the challenge of keeping it real Read more…

Episode 230. Sassy Gay Friend

“What, what, what are you doing?!” The Sassy Gay Friend is an internet sensation, and creator/star/writer Brian Gallivan discusses his fabulous character’s surprising impact. Featuring literary and pop culture inspirations, how the SGF will come to your community, a special appearance by Man vs Food host Adam Richman, and how a Read more…