1. I was searching for some Shakespearean performance on the YouTube when I encountered your plays and being a literature student, I laughed my very best at the some serious lines I have ever read or felt. Then I searched for you guys wanted to know more about your company then came across this podcast about Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens who was also a friend to one of the theatre members.

    I was really moved by the prayer Chris wrote in his postcard. I am a Muslim originally from Pakistan living in Saudi, only know my prayers in Arabic but can’t converse a single sentence in Arabic as that’s not my language and haven’t really given it a hard try to learnt too. Although he was an ambassador still he made an effort and that shows what a friendly kind of a person he was.

    We were( the educated muslim community in general) were shocked to hear the news of his assassination as islamically and legally it was atrocious and not permissible at all.

    However, as it is the most gloomiest phase of ignorance over some Muslims…may Allah protect us all ( muslims and non muslims i mean)and give his true and right guidance so we can all excel in this world and the hereafter …ameen!

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