Episode 636. All Is True?

Episode 544. Touring With Alice

Episode 489. “Long Lost” Opening

Episode 485. The ‘Curtain Call’

Episode 436. We’re American, Dammit!

Episode 421. Returning To Theatre

Episode 413. Acting On Camera

Episode 390. Bible Tour Memories

Episode 389. Jacques Lamarre’s Journey

Episode 387. Lookingglass Theatre Company

Episode 386. Big Theatre Week

Episode 383. Meet The Darwins

Episode 378. Evaluating The Best

Episode 376. Playing The Fool

Episode 366. Serpent of Venice

Episode 365. The Park Theatre

Episode 364. Constructing The Narrative

Episode 363. ‘Comedy’ Opening Weekend

Episode 362. Design For ‘Comedy’

Episode 361. A Comedian’s Prayer

Episode 347. High School Censorship

Episode 346. Theatre In Prison

Episode 344. UK Tour Update

Episode 340. Directing A Comedy

Episode 339. Joss Whedon Shakespeare

Episode 338. An Actor’s Wife

Episode 335. Inside Titus Vandronicus

Episode 331. Shakespeare Opening Weekend

Episode 329. History of Comedy

Episode 322. Auditioning in London

Episode 320. Outlandish Bermuda Sports

Episode 319. Arranging Our Flights

Episode 318. Props For ‘Homeland’

Episode 316. Favorite 12 ‘Days’

Episode 313. Celebrating & Housecleaning

Episode 309. The UnReduced Hamlet

Episode 308. Thoughts For Publicists

Episode 306. Returning To ‘America’

Episode 299. Reviewing The Reviews

Episode 297. Adam Long Returns

Episode 294. The Arts Theatre

Episode 291. Our Lighting Designer

Episode 290. Changes For Britain

Episode 288. York Theatre Royal

The Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastWe get a backstage tour of York Theatre Royal, site of the European premiere of The Complete World of Sports (abridged), and the 268-year-old center of theatrical life in this ancient city. Featuring guidance from YTR Artistic Director Damian Cruden, advice on the proper way to play a pantomime dame, live antics from our time at BBC Radio York, and warnings about the theatre’s Grey Lady. (Length 20:03)Continue reading

Episode 287. Packing For Tour

Episode 286. The West Wing

Episode 285. Oklahoma City Rep

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Episode 282. We Get Notes

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