Premiering in DC & Coming to Edinburgh – It’s Shakespeare’s Long Lost 1st Play (abridged)!

Steadfast Tin Soldier

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Shakespeare Rocks Tonight

Doug The Time-Traveler

All About Ophelia

Creating Hamlet’s Adventure

Playing Historical Characters

Sharing Great Theatre

The Devil’s Work

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Man About Town

Completing The Canon

The Impostors Theatre


Glory Of ‘Ensemble’

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We Debate ‘Shipoopi’

Weird Old Man

History of Vaudeville

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Remembering Stanley Donen

Episode 637. History Of Blackface

Episode 636. All Is True?

Episode 635. Department Of Curiosity

Episode 634. Marya’s New ‘Tempest’

Episode 633. ‘Nerdy’ Brian Posehn

Episode 632. Preparing And Doing

Episode 631. Joe Dempsey’s Mechanical

Episode 630. The Sonnet Man

Episode 629. 2018’s Top Podcasts

Episode 628. Very Reduced ‘Christmas’

Episode. 627. Doctor Of Reduction

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Episode 624. Shakespearean Youth Theatre

Episode 623. Orsino And Othello

Episode 622. Viola And Olivia

Episode 621. Processing The Process