Asian American Renegades

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Matthew C. Yee (above) wrote the book and score for Lucy and Charlie’s Honeymoon, and plays one half of the titular couple in the Lookingglass Theatre world premiere. Joined by co-star Rammel Chan (below, left, as Charlie’s brother Peter), the two actors discuss the show’s origins; how they walk its tricky tonal lines; how a script with humble college beginnings became a full-fledged country western musical; the ways in which the characters are both inside and outside the law; the challenge of being not just the author and composer, but also an actor and musician; wonderful and unintended similarities to Harpo Marx; and the lasting questions of why there aren’t more country western musicals? (Length 19:58) (PICTURED, above: Matthew C. Yee; and below: Rammel Chan, Daniel Lee Smith, and Wai Ching Ho, from the Lookingglass Theatre production of Lucy and Charlie’s Honeymoon, directed by Amanda Dehnert. Photos by Liz Lauren.)