Ides Of March Madness

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What’s Shakespeare’s best speech? That question gets answered on this epic episode by director Nate Cohen and actor/educators Elizabeth Dennehy and Gregory Linington, who agonize over every match-up in this Sweet 16 selection of soliloquies and monologues. Highlights include remorse over the many speeches that didn’t make the tournament; the differences between speeches and soliloquies; how Juliet is the female Hamlet; origins of the phrase “rolling thunder;” the unsurprising dominance of fulcrum speeches; a brief “Rap Othello” interlude; and most importantly, how a full March Madness field of 64 would have included many many more of your favorite Shakespeare monologues. (Length 1:22:47)

BRACKET SEEDINGS (and links to speeches)

#1 – Henry, St. Crispin’s Day (Henry V 4,3)

#2 – Hamlet, “I have of late, but wherefore I know not” (Hamlet 2,2)

#3 – Richard, Duke of Gloucester, “I that have neither pity, love, nor fear” (Henry VI, Part 3 5,6)

#4 – Queen Margaret, “What, was it you that would be England’s king?” (Henry VI, Part 3 1,4)

#5 – Rosalind, “And why, I pray you? Who might be your mother” (As You Like It 3,5)

#6 – Edmund, “Thou, nature, art my goddess” (King Lear 1,2)

#7 – Emilia, “I do think it is their husbands’ faults” (Othello 4,3)

#8 – Richard, “No matter where. Of comfort no man speak” (Richard II 3,2)

#9 – Jacques, “All the world’s a stage” (As You Like It 2,7)

#10 – Phoebe, “Think not I love him, though I ask for him” (As You Like It 3,5) 

#11 – Marc Antony, “Friends, Romans, countrymen” (Julius Caesar 3,2)

#12 – Prince Hal, “Do not think so. You shall not find it so.” (Henry IV, Part 1 3,2)

#13 – Duke, “Be absolute for death.” (Measure For Measure 3,1)

#14 – Malvolio, “Tis but fortune, all is fortune” (Twelfth Night 2,5)

#15 – Aaron, “Even now I curse the day…” (Titus Andronicus 5,1)

#16 – Cassius, “Well, honor is the subject of my story” (Julius Caesar 1,2)

(To view the winners of each bracket, and ultimate champion speech, click here!)