Episode 420. Satan Sings Sondheim

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cover_tsr82_v1No, not Santa — Satan. For this most festive time of year, we present news of RSC founding member Adam Long‘s most recent project, Satan Sings Mostly Sondheim, the script of which has just been published by The Sondheim Review. At the Review’s request, Austin Tichenor interviews Adam and they discuss the challenges of celebrating Sondheim without using any of his music, exploring themes of temptation and yearning, the influence of C.S. Lewis and The Screwtape Letters, growing up in the golden age of musicals, and the nature of Sondheim and evil. Purchase the script here! (An edited excerpt of this interview appears in the same issue as the script. And yes: we realized too late that episode 420 would have been a perfect time to discuss Shakespeare and Pot. We apologize for this missed opportunity.) (Length 24:31)