1. That’s awesome, Luke. This was actually one of the things that I wished I had said during the podcast: that there are TONS of people that are living the same lives – working all day, rehearsing all night, and getting sleep where we can find it. Hell, even the RSC guys have day jobs…sorta. My point being that there is a relatively small percent of people in the world that can just act and make enough money from it to not have to do anything else. The rest of us have to do the grind to make the show. Or we just need better agents…or in my case, AN agent. Anywho, I raise my glass to you.

  2. I’ve been a longtime fan of all things Reduced, as well as a long time podcast listener. I wanted to say that this episode was particularly noteworthy to me because of Dodds, Dan and Chad all having full time day jobs and doing theater at night.

    I myself have been doing the same thing in Denver, Colorado for the past seven years. Almost always, I’ve had a day job and then I’d trek over to a 7:00 rehearsal. Sometimes doubly so since I also keep very busy as a sound designer. It was very heartening to hear it happening in other parts of the country, particularly with guys who have a chance to work with the people at the RSC. That was very wonderful to hear, and gives all of us hope! Thanks again and keep on doing the great work you do!

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