1. Hi. Loved the DR in York this afternoon, your energy is amazing and the material is, for want of a more appropriate word, funny, but I’m sure you already know that.
    Feel I need to say the Brian Clough comparison to Yogi Berra is, while smarter than the average joke, somewhat lost on a British audience. Our sportsmen are people to whom we occasionally listen – during post-match interviews – expecting platitudes, cliches and, above all, a reassurance that we are more educated and articulate despite being considerably less well-paid. To theatre-goers, any semblance of sanity, philosophy or normality in these discourses is distrusted and shunned, and Mr. Clough, a notorious drinker and fan-puncher, is, despite his misdemeanours menioned since the last full-stop [ U.S. ‘period’] actually held nationally in high-regard as the greatest manager the England team NEVER had (European Cups, promotion of Derby County, Notts. Forrest etc.) and not one for talking bollocks.
    In short ALL our sportsmen and commentators talk equivalent shite when viewed at the “theatre-level” (read “Colemanballs” in “Private Eye” or seek out the books online) so, to make the joke work, maybe list Yogi as the Bush family’s grammar tutor. When it comes to putting your foot in your mouth there is no one like George W on this side of the pond, sportsman or otherwise.
    Once again, I loved the show and I reckon everyone who turns up will have a great time. Good luck with the tour.

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