1. Thanks for a great show and for signing my book! I missed my Kodak moment though. 🙁 How long do you guys stay after each performance?

    Also, do you know why you guys weren’t on the cover of the Playbill?

  2. We don’t use any language you can’t hear on network television (not a RINGING endorsement, I know), but most innuendo will fly over kids’ heads. We’ve had lots of kids come to show but you know your own kids best. Our standard answer is our shows are rated PG-13 – Pretty Good If You’re Thirteen.

  3. Want to take family to 7/19 performance “Sports, etc.” . Don’t like bad (foul) language, how is this show? Thanx

  4. Have you checked out the Crime & Punishment Museum?

    Also, I was surprised I didn’t hear Rippy or Dominic on the podcast, considering they’re RSC kids too, at least character-wise… 🙂

  5. Great show last night guys (except for the drunk lady), my gut is still hurting.

    Sports will never be the same!

    (Reed – Thanks for the brief conversation – Love your Mays jersey – Go Giants!!)

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