Thing Of Darkness

What if Shakespeare didn’t die on April 23, 1616, and instead sailed to the New World? Novelist Allan Batchelder (the Immortal Treachery series) dives into speculative historical fiction to investigate this very question in his new novel This Thing of Darkness, which imagines the aging playwright creating a new family of outsiders amidst tension between their fellow English settles, the suspicious Powhatans, and a creature out of legend. Allan discusses his novel’s origins; how much of the historical record fuels his imagination; how he dives into and refutes various Authorship theories; how spite is a powerful motivator; how his experience as an actor, educator, former stand-up comedian and Girl Scout (!) influences his writing; how he navigates the dangers of writing from on-high; and the fun of positing a different kind of a relationship between William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. (Length 20:13)

Episode 593. Best Shakespeare Play

The We Got This! Podcast, created and hosted by Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi, settles such important and earth-shattering cultural debates as what is the Best Donut, the Best Toilet Paper, and Best Muppet. But recently, with the help of the RSC’s own Austin Tichenor, they settled something truly important: What is, actually, Shakespeare’s greatest play. This week we present to you the abridged version of Episode 113 of the We Got This! Podcast, featuring truly lively banter, questionable priorities, varying definitions of ‘expert,’ Shakespearean references to both Scooby-Doo and Freddy Krueger, living with mistakes, the legacy of Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech, adherence to the Aristotelian unities, the challenge of appreciating Shakespeare’s greatness without acknowledging his flaws, suggested new opening lines for Twelfth Night, and ultimately a shocking (or maybe not-so-shocking) result. (Leave your comments below.) (Length 30:10)

Episode 154. The Shakespeare App

Ron Severdia is the creator of the Shakespeare App, which puts the complete works of William Shakespeare at your fingertips in a fun format complete with searchable database. Ron chats about the app’s origins and its future, what goes on under the hood, and what one does to turn a Shakespeare app Pro. (MP3. Length 17:53)