Episode 381. Acting With Masks

”Rob Richards is the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he recently directed Austin Tichenor’s adaptation of Frankenstein. He’s also an actor, mask maker, and puppeteer, and this week the two old friends talk about the appeal of masks in both theatrical production Read more…

Episode 360. Austin Tichenor’s ‘Frankenstein’

Austin Tichenor’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is getting new life, with a new production and published acting edition. Austin talks to director Rob Richards about the current production and consider the ideal interpreters of 19th-century Romantic authors, some genius casting notions, the dangers of polite acting, the close relationship between laughter and screams, a special appearance by newly elected Senator Cory Booker, dodgy Jeff Goldblum impressions, and the nature of monstrosity. (Length 19:15) (Pictured: Matthew Geary as The Creature in the 2013 Phillips Exeter Academy production. Photo by Cheryl Semter. Used by permission.)