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RSC Alumni

(If you performed or worked for us and don’t see yourself listed, it’s an oversight, we assure you. Send us your current bio and we’ll get you on here immediately.) Phil Abrams (Performer, US, UK, Israel) has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WB and HBO in TV shows including […]

Episode 575. Northern California Fires

Lifelong Sonoma, California resident Reed Martin was forced to evacuate his home in October, along with his family and thousands of others, because of the devastating wildfires that destroyed almost 250,000 acres, killing at least 44 people and hospitalizing at least 185. Reed discusses what it was like to be surrounded by the seventeen separate wildfires that raged through six counties and threatened property, people, animals, and businesses, such as the famous Sonoma and Napa wineries, and reveals what one does when faced with sudden and oncoming danger, the feeling of constantly (still!) being on high alert, how you can help our actor Dodds Delzell, and trying to look on the bright side of future wine harvests. (Length 15:51) 

Episode 380. Sacrificing RSC Virgins

”Veteran Bay Area actors Dodds Delzell and John Tichenor made their RSC debuts last week (performing Sports in Wisconsin) and talk about what it’s like to get called up to the Show. Featuring the trickiness of scheduling, the challenges of learning the lines on your own, the complications of adding […]

Episode 350. Workshopping The ‘Comedy’

”LIVE! from Stone’s Sports Bar & Lounge comes this lively conversation with actors Dodds Delzell, Dan Saski, and Chad Yarish, the cast of the workshop production of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged). Featuring rehearsal reports, the advantages of ongoing artistic relationships, sky-high expectations, an excerpt from the show, the challenges of day jobs, […]

Episode 282. We Get Notes

”Every actor gets ’em; this week we get ours. After a recent performance of The Complete World of Sports (abridged), we met in a crowded noisy bar in Santa Rosa, California with Dodds Delzell, Chad Yarish, and April George, all of whom worked on the original production of the script. […]

Episode 252. Acting Our Scripts

”Dodds Delzell, Dan Saski, and Chad Yarish have performed many of our “Complete (abridged)” scripts with various theatre companies in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. They acted in the very first non-RSC productions of “The Complete World of Sports (abridged)” and “The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged)” and discuss the […]