Episode 282. We Get Notes

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Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastEvery actor gets ’em; this week we get ours. After a recent performance of The Complete World of Sports (abridged), we met in a crowded noisy bar in Santa Rosa, California with Dodds Delzell, Chad Yarish, and April George, all of whom worked on the original production of the script. Featuring Sports show spoilers, additional thoughts from Dan Saski, loud bar music, a fantastic Don Knotts impression, the benefits of playing it like a drill sergeant, a special appearance from an iconic sports photographer, and the lesson that if you give notes, you gotta learn to take ’em. (Length 18:02)

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Jessie · May 2, 2012 at 10:52 pm

Loved the Podcast! I worked with Dodds several years ago & he’s a riot! If it hadn’t been for him & another former colleague, I probably wouldn’t have survived working there as long as I did.

By the way, I attended the ‘Sports’ show at SRJC in March & it was AWESOME! A big thanks to you, Reed & Matt! Hope to catch another RSC show in the future.

P.S. Dodds needs to find himself a good Spanish tutor because that was terrible! 😉

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