The first thing you hear in our production of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) was composed by Peter Bufano (left), a graduate of Clown College, a former Ringling Brothers Circus Clown, and now an assistant professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Peter talks about his journey from Clown to Composer and shares some of his secrets; his comic and musical inspirations; the difficulty of hitting moving targets; finding the music in a gag; how relationship and function is most important in finding the funny; his latest Spotify single; and the importance of finding and maintaining community in music, in clowning, and in life. (Length 23:39)

  1. I’ve had too many shows spoiled by selfish and stupid people who can’t tell the difference between the tv in their own home and real live theatre that others have paid good money to see and enjoy Occasionally it feels as if they think it’s a competition between themselves and the actors to see who can be loudestI would be delighted if those on stage could remind some audience members that it is not their living room as one singer did at a concert I attended the rest of the show was much more pleasurable as a result

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