Laura T. Fisher has put together a document called Chicago Theatre Standards, a document and philosophy that “seeks to mentor institutions, theatre-makers, teachers, students, parents and anyone who would like to learn more about procedural preventions and potential responses to unsafe practices, with a special focus on harassment, bullying and discrimination.” Laura discusses what led her, along with Lori Myers, to create the #NotInOurHouse movement and explains how organizations and individuals can respond to creepy and unwanted behavior that doesn’t necessarily rise of the level of criminal. Featuring the importance of following inner compasses, the luck of catching viral waves, the virtues of being helpful, the dangers of being proscriptive and divisive, the importance of process and preventions, the trickiness of gray areas, recognizing and combating abusive strategies, and most of all, the necessity of preventing the exploitation of a culture of ‘yes’. (Length 23:50)


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