Episode 436. We’re American, Dammit!

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We recently appeared in Backstage, the US publication and website devoted to the theatre industry, in a lovely article entitled “12 Touring Theatre Companies That Make A Difference.” We were grouped alongside such stalwart companies as Aquila Theatre, The Acting Company, Nebraska Theatre Caravan, and Theatreworks USA, and the only minor issue is that although they called us “legendary”, they also called us “UK-based”. (But shortly after we posted this podcast, they fixed the mistake. Thanks, Backstage!) As we first started performing in California Renaissance Faires in the 1980s and continue to be based in Sonoma, California, this factual inaccuracy makes us wonder what else journalists get wrong, what it all means in the grand scheme of things (not much), and whether we should take the hint and change our location. Featuring an excerpt from The Reduced Shakespeare Radio Show! (Length 16:25)


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