Episode 423. UK Comedy Fools

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RSC-Comedy-A3-Poster-05As is tradition, this week we come to you Live! from the Bedford, our rehearsal pub in Balham (“the Gateway to the South”), to meet and chat with the new cast of the 2015 UK tour of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged). Cast members Gary Fannin, Matthew Pearson, Andrew Hodges, and Steven Rostance discuss their uniquely American origins, questionable Groundskeeper Willie impressions, a dodgy excerpt from The 39 Steps, the differences between the RSC and the Propellor Theatre Company, hard-to-place accents, juggling ukeleles, notes from the first week of rehearsals, some subliminal Booker T. & and The MSG, and the heretofore unknown influence of Jersey Shore. (Length 22:36)