It’s the COMEDY of the Prince of Denmark!

Written & Directed by Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor

“Hilarious! A love letter to one of Shakespeare’s most challenging and complicated plays.” Napa Valley Register

“Attains satirical heights for which most comedians wouldn’t think to reach.” Bob Mondello, National Public Radio

“So clever…and rapid fire in its delivery, that you won’t be able to keep from laughing! Napa Valley Register

What will young Hamlet grow up To Be? That is the question!

In this hysterical (and completely fictional) prequel to Hamlet, nothing is rotten in the state of Denmark! But when a crisis hits the convent, eager and decisive Hamlet leaps into action with his best bud Ophelia and jester friend Yorick to SAVE. THE. NUNNERY!

“Part satire…part knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing, completely silly romp!” Napa Valley Register

(Read the whole Napa Valley Register rave here!)

A fast, funny, and physical extravaganza filled with scary ghosts, wee Scots, singing nuns, and a mysterious vassal in the castle, Hamlet and Ophelia navigate their parents and their own feelings while putting on a show – what could possibly go wrong?

Martin and Tichenor (authors of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) and Pop-Up Shakespeare) take a deep dive into the greatest play ever written and answer all the important questions you’ve ever wondered about, like:

  • Why was Hamlet’s father such a practical joker?
  • Whatever happened to Ophelia’s mother?
  • Was Yorick really a fellow of infinite jest?
  • Is ‘Polonius’ Ophelia’s father’s first name or last name?
  • Why does Hamlet’s mother spend so much time at his uncle’s house?

“The magic of theatre…leads to enormous laughs!” Napa Valley Register

A riot of rhymes! One whopper of a play!” Napa Valley Register

What if Tom Stoppard wrote Muppet Babies? Come see Hamlet’s Big Adventure (a prequel) and find out!

Yorick (Chad Yarish), Hamlet (Reed Martin), and the King (Austin Tichenor) plan the prince of Denmark’s big adventure! (Photo by Julie McClelland.)

(Poster art by Lar DeSouza.)