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One of the Top Ten Podcasts for Theatre Fans, according to Broadway World. And The Telegraph (UK) called it “a bright, breezy, and entertaining affair, well stocked with interviews, features, and excerpts from the shows!” when it named the RSC Podcast one of its Best Comedy Podcasts. Backstage drama. Touring trauma. Famous Guests. Infamous quests. Literary analysis. No urinalysis. All this and less – on the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast. Find old podcast episodes here. It’s “All Things Reduced” every Monday – and it’s free!

Episode 521. Reviewing Shanghai Disney

As foretold in last week’s episode, we spent a day at Shanghai Disney, the recently opened newest addition to the Disney family of theme parks, and this week we discuss the park’s highs and lows. Featuring general excitement and a … Continue reading

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Episode 520. The Three Eccentrics

The Eight Eccentrics of Tianqiao stand outside the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing, where we performed last weekend. Or at least their statues do. They represent eight comic street performers who “made greatly contributions to China’s national folk art by creating … Continue reading

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Episode 519. Remembering Sam Williams

We were devastated to learn our friend Sam Williams of the Flying Karamazov Brothers (right) died last Friday night. We had only recently just spent time with him, recorded a podcast with him, and were looking forward to our next visit. … Continue reading

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518. Actor Jo Bending

Joanna Bending is a RADA-trained character actor who specializes (at least recently) in playing multiple roles in single plays. Our paths have crossed multiple times so it was fun to chat with her about her background, her training, the practices … Continue reading

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Episode 517. Flying Karamazov Brothers

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are the legendary band of jugglers and comedians, founded in 1973 by Paul Magid and Howard Patterson, who started performing at ren faires and busking in Santa Cruz before touring internationally and performing on Broadway, most … Continue reading

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