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One of the Top Ten Podcasts for Theatre Fans, according to Broadway World. And The Telegraph (UK) called it “a bright, breezy, and entertaining affair, well stocked with interviews, features, and excerpts from the shows!” when it named the RSC Podcast one of its Best Comedy Podcasts. Backstage drama. Touring trauma. Famous Guests. Infamous quests. Literary analysis. No urinalysis. All this and less – on the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast. Find old podcast episodes here. It’s “All Things Reduced” every Monday – and it’s free!

Episode 402. The Pleasance Courtyard

LIVE! (ish) from the Pleasance Courtyard, the throbbing hub of theatrical activity here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, comes this collection of pitches from people selling some of the more than three thousand shows being performed this year. Featuring our … Continue reading

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Episode 401. Yisrael’s Three Conversions

Yisrael Campbell is just your run-of-the-mill Irish, Italian, Catholic, American, Reform, Conservative, and now Orthodox Jew, and he tells the story of his fascinating journey in “Circumcise Me”, his funny and poignant one-man show currently playing at the Edinburgh Fringe … Continue reading

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Episode 400. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

LIVE! From the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh, Scotland comes this celebration of our 400th continuous week of podcasting and our return (after nine years) to the place that launched it all, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Join us as we adopt … Continue reading

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Episode 399. The Second City

Second City‘s legacy informs every aspect of contemporary comedy (including many alumni who’ve performed with us) and this week Executive Vice President and President of Second City Theatricals Kelly Leonard gives us the reduced history of Second City’s over-fifty year impact … Continue reading

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Episode 398. ‘Salesman’ Behind Bars

Last year, Kate Powers told us of her work doing Theatre In Prisons with Rehabilitation Through The Arts. This week Kate returns to tell us of her recent production of Death of a Salesman at Fishkill Correctional Facility, which restored much-needed urgency … Continue reading

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