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One of the Top Ten Podcasts for Theatre Fans, according to Broadway World. And The Telegraph (UK) called it “a bright, breezy, and entertaining affair, well stocked with interviews, features, and excerpts from the shows!” when it named the RSC Podcast one of its Best Comedy Podcasts. Backstage drama. Touring trauma. Famous Guests. Infamous quests. Literary analysis. No urinalysis. All this and less – on the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast. Find old podcast episodes here. It’s “All Things Reduced” every Monday – and it’s free!

Episode 425. UK Comedy Openings

After a long week of tech and a weekend of opening performances, our 81-city UK tour of The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) is finally underway. Actors Gary Fannin, Matt Pearson, Andrew Hodges, and Steven Rostance talk about the process that … Continue reading

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Episode 424. Comedy’s Seriously Funny

Austin Tichenor talks about The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) with Julie Motz, host of Arts Desire on KWMR in Point Reyes, California. Featuring some great laughs, “incisive political commentary,” surprising poignancy, a terrible hint about the RSC’s next show, a special appearance by Adrian Scarborough (who’s … Continue reading

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Episode 423. UK Comedy Fools

As is tradition, this week we come to you Live! from the Bedford, our rehearsal pub in Balham (“the Gateway to the South”), to meet and chat with the new cast of the 2015 UK tour of The Complete History … Continue reading

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Episode 422. Dean Of Comedy

Steve Smith is the former dean of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College, director of the Big Apple Circus, and has forgotten more about comedy than we’ll ever know. In discussing his career and thoughts about comedy, … Continue reading

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Episode 421. Returning To Theatre

For this last podcast of 2014, a tale of triumph (or depending on your point of view, tragedy). Longtime RSC fan Lizabeth Stanley tells her story of discovering the theatre, leaving the theatre, and finally returning to theatre armed with … Continue reading

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