Episode 269. Leaving Los Angeles

Reduced Shakespeare Company PodcastSometimes you go where the work is; sometimes you leave where the work isn’t. This week we talk about “pursuing other opportunities” outside of Los Angeles and hear about self-evaluation, changing marketplaces, delayed encounters with David E. Kelley, and the magic of reinvention. Featuring strong opinions about actors’ unions SAG and AFTRA, a distant Matt Rippy warmup, and a special appearance by Adrian Scarborough from the new Upstairs/Downstairs. (Length 16:34)

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One Response to Episode 269. Leaving Los Angeles

  1. David Stein says:

    AKTIII – Brilliant, heartwarming and entertaining!. Stuff I don’t associate with LA, btw.

    Your partner in leaving LA,

    Wow, never heard so many British city names since I rode the Tube.
    PS my sister Cheryl is very much looking forward to seeing you in Midland, Michigan.

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