Writers Guild Strike

David A. Goodman, the former president of the Writers Guild of America currently leading the negotiations and strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), takes a break from the picket lines to explain why this existential fight is so important. David reveals what’s at stake, avoids heroic hyperbole; declines to craft narratives; confides who has the real power in Hollywood; explains the gutting of the American middle-class; possesses an admirable reluctance to participate in childish banter; and expresses gratitude for the extraordinary support the WGA is getting from its sister Hollywood unions. (Length 20:18)

Episode 343. Celebrities Getting Served

”Just in time for summer comes Bill Ryan‘s “Serving Celebrities: Stories of Your Favorite Celebrities From One Who Served Them” and it’s the perfect beach read, filled with funny, revealing, unabashedly gossipy, and mildly bitchy tales of greatness and the people who serve them. Featuring behind the scenes dish, interactions with Read more…