Episode 595. Alli & Davey

Our long-time friends and colleagues Alli Bostedt and Davey Naylor were married last Friday, May the 4th (Be With You), 2018, in the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma, CA (where we filmed The Complete History of America (abridged)) and, just days before the ceremony, they took time to talk about how their romance overcame early tour awkwardness and problematic venues (thank you, Rhyl!). Featuring knockout predictions, comments from Best Man Matt Rippy, origin stories, canal canoodling, romantic Berkhamsted opportunities, memories of our UK tour of The Complete World of Sports (abridged) and New Zealand tour of Completely Hollywood (abridged), and the inspiring story of how romance can blossom even during a theatrical tour. (Length 19:01). 

Episode 575. Northern California Fires

Lifelong Sonoma, California resident Reed Martin was forced to evacuate his home in October, along with his family and thousands of others, because of the devastating wildfires that destroyed almost 250,000 acres, killing at least 44 people and hospitalizing at least 185. Reed discusses what it was like to be surrounded by the seventeen separate wildfires that raged through six counties and threatened property, people, animals, and businesses, such as the famous Sonoma and Napa wineries, and reveals what one does when faced with sudden and oncoming danger, the feeling of constantly (still!) being on high alert, how you can help our actor Dodds Delzell, and trying to look on the bright side of future wine harvests. (Length 15:51)