Episode 245. 30th Anniversary Webcast

August 8, 2011 was the 30th anniversary of the very first performance by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, so we joined founding members Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield, and Sa Winfield on the actual site (it’s now a golf course) for our very first live webcast to honor that momentous event. Part one of the audio highlights features comparisons between Hamlets old and new, the perils and pitfalls of performing at Renaissance Faires, early rejected RSC names, the origins of “green jello,” and the artistic benefits of pure old-fashioned greed. LISTEN TO PART TWO OF THIS HISTORIC REMINISCENCE HERE! (Pictured l-r: Reed Martin, Jess Winfield, Daniel Singer, Austin Tichenor at the “RSC Extravaganza” held at the Center Theatre in Reston, VA in 2014.) (Length 32:57)