Teenage Shakespeare Take

Annabelle Higgins is the creator and host of “A Teenager’s Take on Shakespeare” podcast (available on Spotify), a series of fascinating conversations with various Shakespeareans in which Annabelle brings exactly what it says on the tin: her teenage take on both the plays and the artist. Her passion for Shakespeare began when she was still in single digits and because it hasn’t been tarnished by expectations of what Shakespeare is supposed to be, she’s better able to see what Shakespeare actually is. Annabelle reveals how she created the podcast; the power of personal family connections to Shakespeare; how Shakespeare’s text spoke to her at a young age; the happy realization that you can share your voice; taking inspiration from The Show Must Go Online and the Protest Too Much podcast; the wonder of experiencing Shakespeare in other mediums; and the charm of charting one’s appreciation of Shakespeare in real time. (Length 17:59)

Surviving Theatre School

Gina Pulice and Jen Bosworth-Ramirez are the hosts of the “I Survived Theatre School Podcast”, which started as a pandemic project, but has become a fantastic ongoing conversation about the things we learned in theatre school, the things we didn’t learn, and how we’ve all managed to survive: some of us in the theatre, and some of us in other fields. Austin Tichenor was a guest on their podcast and now returns the favor, letting Gina and Bos talk about how their podcast came to be and what it’s now become. FEATURING: the value of active listening, both within the theatre and without; the counterintuitive freedom of a rigid schedule; the joy of “psychological spelunking;” how one can become a reimagined artist; and how something that didn’t start out to be a “self-help” podcast has turned out to be, for its listeners, remarkably healing. (Length 19:15)

Change The Podcast?

On the eve of the RSC Podcast’s 15th anniversary, podcast host and RSC actor/consigliere Matthew Croke, joins us to discuss whether it’s time to change things up. What do you think? Should we change the format or the emphasis? Make it longer or more infrequent? Should we eliminate some annoying tics or regular features, or is it just perfect the way it is? Let us know what you think as we discuss how to stimulate engagement; changing trends; supply and demand; the importance of stories and anecdotes; unnecessary whining; more inside baseball; which Stephen King novel would make a good Shakespeare play; and – most importantly – which Shakespeare character would make the best Starfleet captain. Also: Should we upgrade our equipment?? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! (Length 21:03)

760. Some Broadway B.S.

Abbey Harris is the co-creator and co-host of Broadway Bullshit, the seasonal weekly podcast that examines Broadway musicals and discusses whether they should “fly, die, or retry,” and strives to provide contextual analysis, while also reminding fans why they love Broadway. FEATURING: bleeding edge hot takes; looking at classic material in new ways; the power of being a double threat; the importance of editing; some recording tips; and addressing the danger of running out of musicals. (Length 19:18)

Episode 576. Some Personal Time

We’re back! After a two-week holiday break, we return to our weekly schedule of the RSC Podcast — now in its twelfth night year! After taking some quality personal time, Austin considers whether the podcast should shift its format or focus; reviews other podcasts he listens to regularly (and urges listeners to do the same); wonders whether there are parts of the podcast people regularly fast-forward through; and speculates what our next stage show will be (and urges listeners to do the same). It’s good to be back!

Episode 421. Returning To Theatre

”For this last podcast of 2014, a tale of triumph (or depending on your point of view, tragedy). Longtime RSC fan Lizabeth Stanley tells her story of discovering the theatre, leaving the theatre, and finally returning to theatre armed with nothing but desire, mad carpentry skills, and a license to practice Read more…

Episode 313. Celebrating & Housecleaning

”We begin our 7th year of podcasting by doing a little late-fall cleaning, explaining some of the changes we’ve made to how our podcasts are posted, walking you through what’s changed over on iTunes, pointing out some interesting bells and whistles, showing off some cool new features, revealing how many Read more…

Episode 308. Thoughts For Publicists

”You can’t really call us “publicity whores” because we don’t charge for it, we give it away! (We will answer, however, to “publicity sluts“.) But there’s a handful of things we’d prefer to avoid and/or not do, so this week Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor outline a series of thoughts and Read more…

Our First Live Webcast!

Current RSC members Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor are joined by founding members Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield – and original props goddess Sa Winfield – as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of the very first performance by those upstarts from California, the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Join in Monday August Read more…

Episode 219. Long Distance Dedication

”For Valentine’s Day we send out long distance dedications to our listeners – and from our listeners. Featuring global statistics, favorite body parts, a special appearance from Lavinia Tan from Lush 99.5 in Singapore, emails from listeners, the smooth groovy sounds of guitarist Eric Essix, and exclusive news of foreign Read more…


Wanna catch up on the latest Reduced news, reviews and interviews? The April edition of The Reduced Reader is OUT NOW! We’re launching the final leg of our tour of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) – check dates! Also, in this edition, find out about our “Broadway” run, Read more…

Episode 114. Reduced Valentine’s Day

”Things We Love this week — a story of the RSC and Young Love in Ireland; the television premiere of a feature film produced by RSC alumni John Schwab and Tim Beckman; and Dee Ryan returns to the Pittsburgh Public Theater with her one-woman show DeeConstruction.  Happy VD!  (MP3. Length Read more…

Episode 113A. Reduced Temporary Podcast

”Technical difficulties in California necessitate this extremely reduced and hopefully temporary podcast, which merely explains why it’s reduced and temporary. Not one for the archives but enjoy if you can. It won’t take long. (MP3. Length 2:36)

Episode 100. First Hundred Weeks

”Backstage drama. Touring trauma. Audition advice. Authorial insights. You, the RSC Podcast listeners, choose your favorite moments from our first hundred weeks, including lobby catastrophes, airplane turbulence, mid-show earthquakes, heated cultural debates, quests for lame jokes, and best of all — children swearing! (MP3. Length 22:13)

Episode 67. Plane Ol’ Podcast

”LIVE! from Virgin Atlantic Flight #8….and from a UK Taxi….and from various cafes and pubs all over London. Reed and Austin discuss the various business hoops one has to jump through in order to set up a tour of Great Britain. Featuring detours to Holland, a reduced Oscar post-mortem, some Read more…

Episode 26. Six Month Checkup

”Favorite moments and indulgent reminiscences from the first six months of RSC Podcasts. Featuring deep introspection, shock and awe at the glories of the podcast aesthetic, an unnecessarily polysyllabic episode description, and a benediction by Dick Costolo, President & CEO of FeedBurner, the company that makes all podcasts possible! Thanks, Read more…