Episode 454. Notre Dame Shakespeare

”Shakespeare comes in many forms at the University of Notre Dame, including Shakespeare at Notre Dame (Scott Jackson, Executive Director) and Actors from the London Stage. Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival Producing Artistic Director Grant Mudge sits down with us this week to help sort them all out, and talks about humble beginnings, reduced inspirations, authentic Read more…

Episode 452. Beyond The Stage

Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor, and Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival workshop cast members Chad Yarish, Dan Saski, and Teddy Spencer discuss the development of the new script William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) as part of NDSF’s “Beyond The Stage” series. Featuring questions from NDSF Artistic Director Grant Mudge and members of the audience, and discussion about the power of story, outrageous tales of audience participation, the challenges of working with two directors, the tricks of telling the truth and interacting with the public, inevitable comparisons, and the wonder of Shakespearean inspiration. (Length 22:18)