RSC D&D One-Shot

Chad Yarish served as the Dungeon Master for the RSC’s very first Dungeons & Dragons campaign – certainly the very first one we recorded for a podcast. While long by podcast standards, this was incredibly short for a D&D campaign, and features the importance of a working knowledge of vampire lore; dead guys both talkative and disappearing; a surprising and very special appearance by the Bardic composer of Guys and Dolls; the difficulty of choosing between the Rooms of Weeping, the Larder of Ill-Omens, and the Pantry of Pleasure; inexplicable and unconscious invocations of Once Upon a Mattress; and the heroic and cathartic power of invoking the Brown Noise. (Length 1:05:11)

Episode 76. Nerd vs. Geek

”Shakespeare nerds. Drama geeks. We’ve been called worse, but to help us understand the difference we rely on guest expertise from Dave and Barbara Shepherd, 120/240ths of The Word Nerds. Featuring much splitting of linguistic hairs, a special appearance by Nina Totenberg from National Public Radio, and the important distinction Read more…