Episode 439. May The Fourth

On this Star Wars Day 2015, arts advocate Howard Sherman and writer/podcaster David J. Loehr help us celebrate the Force and Stars both Wars and Trek (and even a nod to Cupcake). Featuring important distinctions, common pop cultural languages, shout-outs to Alan Ayckbourn and Caryl Churchill, the power of sagas and epics, and encouraging thoughts about the future of science-fiction theatre. (Length 24:22)

Episode 335. Inside Titus Vandronicus

”Not all touring vans are equal. Climb inside ‘Titus Vandronicus’ (dubbed by Twitter follower @BenedictTheMad) and discover why it’s probably the best one we’ve ever had. Recorded on April Fools Day 2013 on our first trip in it, Davey Naylor, Matt Rippy, Gary Fannin, and Ben Stratton rhapsodize over Titus’s Read more…