Episode 508. Tim’s Shakespearean Ancestors

Actor, singer, improviser, comedian, and radio personality Tim Fitzhigham talks about the connections between some of his ancestors and a young dramatic poet (and possible Catholic) named William Shakespeare. Featuring family connections to both Edward Alleyn and Anne Line, the making of a saint, possible inspirations for Cymbeline and “The Phoenix and the Turtle,” the noble art of Morris Dancing, the re-creation of a nine-days’ wonder called The Bard’s Fool, bewitched cows, scholarship both wondrous and reduced, a special appearance by Edinburgh Fringestitution™ Mervyn Stutter, and the comic possibilities of a dead dog.

Episode 172. Sister Mary Martha

”Who exactly was St. Patrick? Sister Mary Martha explains it all for us. The author of the “Ask Sister Mary Martha” blog submits to a mild podcast inquisition, and explains not only the origins of St. Patrick but also how her blog is a sort of E-Harmony for patron saints. Read more…