Episode 566. Captain Picard’s Autobiography

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David A. Goodman (author of Federation: The First 150 Years and The Autobiography of James T. Kirk) returns to talk about his new book The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard, the definitive chronicle of Starfleet’s most inspirational captain. David discusses how his television writing helps address the challenges of writing Star Trek fiction, and gives a shout-out to Star Trek Encyclopedia authors Mike and Denise Okuda, revels in time spent on the Stargazer, reveals the boundaries of canonical constrictions and mildly non-canonical inventions, delights in inventing back story for established canon, and discovers how this new backstory enriches the storylines we already know. (Length 21:56) (Patrick Stewart pictured with Adrian Scarborough, who can be heard talking about playing the Fool in King Lear at the National Theatre here.)