Episode 272. Meet Olivia Williams

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Star of stage and screens both large and small Olivia Williams (left, in The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis) talks to RSC UK member John Schwab about what it’s like to work with such writer/director/auteurs such as Neil LaBute (In A Forest Dark and Deep), M. Night Shymalan (The Sixth Sense), Wes Anderson (Rushmore), Roman Polanski (The Ghost Writer), Joss Whedon (Dollhouse), and Kevin Costner (The Postman). Featuring definitive rules for aspiring young actresses, the joys of working with writer/directors, the kinds of rehearsing that don’t really help, the value of email for character research, a special appearance by Neil LaBute, information about The Leisure Society, the importance of hot rollers, and the curse of the twist! (To hear our podcast interview with her Counterpart co-star, academy-award winning actor J.K. Simmons, click here.) (Length 23:28)