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Shorty Awards 2010

Yes, you read that right! WE WON! Our tweets won us a Shorty Award (the Oscars of tweeting) in the Cultural Institution category. Ok, well, we won along with two others. It was a twee-way-tie! We share this mag-twificent accolade with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and The Poetry Society – and what an honor! We’ve NEVER been accused of being “cultural” – though it appears we may have become somewhat of an institution… in a reduced sort of way!

So thank you thank you thank you to all our fans and followers and fellow twits who helped make this possible!And thank you to all the Shorty Folk for throwing a rocking good award ceremony – AND for keepin it short and tweet (acceptance speeches limited to 140 characters – the way forward for ALL awards ceremonies, methinks!). And special thanks to Austin for spearheading our Reduced Tweet-o-lution!

Onwards and Twupwards!

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