Episode 219. Long Distance Dedication

”For Valentine’s Day we send out long distance dedications to our listeners – and from our listeners. Featuring global statistics, favorite body parts, a special appearance from Lavinia Tan from Lush 99.5 in Singapore, emails from listeners, the smooth groovy sounds of guitarist Eric Essix, and exclusive news of foreign Read more…

Episode 202. Our Asian Invasion

”Mick Orfe, Dominic Conti, and Jeff Marlow regale each other (and us) with tales of apprehension and excitement regarding their current tour of Hong Kong and Singapore. Featuring helpful advice, misplaced fears, audible eye-rolls, walking oxymorons, and our very first dueling celebrity blurb! (MP3. Length 18:09)

Episode 139. What’s Really Changed

”This week we discuss what it’s like to perform the revisions to The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). Featuring cast changes, Singapore changes, and a special appearance by RSC founding member Jess Winfield, author of My Name Is Will: A Novel of Sex, Drugs, and Shakespeare. (MP3. Length 20:03)