Drawing On Shakespeare

“Bill” by Gary Andrews, @GaryScribbler, © 2021.

Drawing on Shakespeare is a 16-episode webseries hosted by Austin Tichenor and the ridiculously talented Gary Andrews, where we talk about Shakespeare with witty, wonderful, and wise people while Gary draws what we’re talking about. As a possible second season/series gets closer, Gary and Austin remember how Drawing on Shakespeare began, discuss how different actors bring new meaning to a character; how every conversation leads to new insights about a play; how Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream can be like Keith Richards; and how audience figures are staggering into the several. (Length 17:40)

Episode 542. Writing Pop-Up Shakespeare

Episode 454. Notre Dame Shakespeare

Episode 452. Beyond The Stage

Episode 441. Shakespeare’s Lost Play

Episode 337. Professor Peter Holland

Episode 335. Inside Titus Vandronicus

Episode 21. Happy Birthday Willy!