Doing. Teaching. Learning.

Director and outgoing chair of the Cornish College of the Arts Theatre Department Richard ET White returns to discuss the reciprocal nature of directing and educating: about how creating art leads to the ability to teach the art, and how both creating and teaching leads to much unexpectedly wonderful learning. Featuring the value of simple acts of necessary communication vs. mad conceptual skills; the sting of painfully truthful recommendations; the advantages of them paying you vs. you paying them; an historic season at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco; how using theatre to teach English in Japan opens up whole new worlds; the pomposity of holding forth; and the incredible universality of Marowitzian deconstruction. (Length 14:29)

Episode 208. Places We’ve Played

”Of all the great venues we’ve performed in around the world, this list definitely includes some of them. Featuring reminiscences about some of the great venues we’ve played, memories of the not-so-great venues we’ve played, one way of maintaining sanity while on the road, and the joys of celebrating disaster. Read more…