Gary’s ‘Finding Joy’

Finding Joy is Gary Andrews’ book about how he dealt with the sudden and unexpected death of his wife a few years ago. Gary talks about how the book evolved from his regular #DoodleADay ritual; how the grieving process navigates a Shakespearean combination of tones. the fun he’s having producing his web series called Drawing on Shakespeare (co-hosted by Austin Tichenor); the joy of Joy’s funny walks; how we’re all experiencing different forms of grief (loss of life, loss of lifestyle, loss of careers); receiving humbling and moving testimonials; a heat-induced inability to remember one’s own CV; and ultimately how you honor the deceased by learning to laugh again. (Length 20:07)

687. Gary Andrews’ #DoodleaDay

Gary Andrews is an animator and single dad whose #DoodleaDay visual diary chronicles his life, particularly how it transformed several years ago with the sudden death of his wife Joy (left). Gary discusses the rules he gives himself and how his daily ritual became a major part of the grieving process and a meaningful balm to an increasing number of followers and fans. Featuring touching chords, the marvel of having both talent and bandwidth, a beautiful film made from his drawings, the power of unpacking the day, the hardest thing one ever has to do, the mystery of laughter continuing through grief, how you can donate to the UK Sepsis Trust, Shakespeare being a constant, shout-outs to Fireman Sam and Horrid Henry, and connections to RSC founding member Adam Long! (Length 18:14)

Episode 604. Cartoonist John Kovalic

Failed astrophysicist John Kovalic certainly landed on his feet, becoming not only a fantastic cartoonist and board game designer, but the creator of Dork Tower and Apples To Apples, illustrator of Munchkin Shakespeare, the crafty current chronicler of geek culture. On our recent trip to Madison Wisconsin, we got to sit down and talk with John about the rise of geek culture, apologies to former professors, humble roots at the UW-Madison student newspaper, the wonders of crowd-funding, skipping Advanced Micro Economics, multiple interests across the arts and the sciences, how autobiographical comics aren’t, being directed by Dominic Dromgoole, the horrible dangers of Monopoly, and the startling and slightly bittersweet success of Apples to Apples. (Length 26:27)