Old friend (and Thanksgiving bestie) Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live) joins us for this very special 14th Anniversary episode! Rachel shares holiday memories; how she’s navigated her career; and reveals who she always associates with Abba’s “Dancing Queen;” the opportunities she’s had and the ones she’s fought for; how she’s drawn to more comedic roles than dramatic ones; how she’s made peace with the uncertainties of an acting career; the creation (with Paula Pell) of Debbie Downer (left); a shout-out to John Cariani and the late lamented Broadway-bound musical Minsky’s; obscure silver dishes; a very special holiday meet-cute; doing Love’s Labors Lost with Shakespeare in the Park; and the glorious power of mid-level fame! (Length 22:22)

  1. Kevin Stevens

    Way back in college in the 80’s, I was on the debate and forensics team (I know, I know). For a speech to entertain, I opened with:

    “In the beginning there was nothing, and then the Lord said, ‘Let There Be Light.’, and there was still nothing. Only you could see it.”

    Killed with it. Every time.

    Until the time in a championship round when a Mormon judge put me last because, as he put it, “The Lord God will not be mocked.”

    You can tell I’m completely over it, 30 years later.

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