1. Hi boys
    We saw you at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn last year when you said you’d be returning with the Bible. The only UK tour dates I can see are in Edinburgh (unfortunately we’re at The Fringe from 5 – 8th August, so before your run starts). Are you coming to Cheshire with the Bible at all?

    We’d love to see you. Already have a gaggle of mates geared up to come if you’re heading this way?!



  2. Andover audience loved the show! We love this RS humour.
    I struggle to find suitable theater to take my 11 year old son to and it was great to see him enjoying the jokes. He was blown away by how good the actors were. Can’t wait to take him to the next one.

  3. Just saw the show at Barnard Castle.
    Very funny, very clever and very enjoyable. Plus ! Me and my beloved up on stage doing cat meows ! What more could you ask for ? Brilliant : )

  4. Great show in Grantham tonight. Funny, irreverent but authentic. 3 great guys and a fantastic way to spend the evening.

  5. I saw you in Ipswich last night and I laughed until I cried. I am sure that if you played in the Bible Belt of the USA you would be lynched in three minutes. Don’t go there! We love having you HERE xxx

  6. Fantastic show at Ipswich tonight…Brilliant…!
    Thank you guys!
    ps You can never get enough of the Ark!

  7. Absolutely fantastic show, I am a Christian and found it very, very funny – keep up the good work

  8. Yes, it is irreverent, and I would disagree with the OED. One can be irreverent AND respectful, in fact, we sometimes say we are reverently irreverent. They are not mutually exclusive.

  9. I would like to agree with Carol Moore’s response above, and I’m glad to see the performances are going ahead now. I wonder how many of those who have spoken out against it have actually seen the play? As a practising Christian, I am not remotely offended by the idea and I really don’t think the Councillors concerned were speaking on God’s behalf. In my view, God is as far from being concerned about this play as he could be, and has far more important things on his mind. Enjoy the show!

  10. OED definition of ‘irreverent’:

    ‘showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously’

    What does ‘irreverent’ mean to you?
    Is your show irreverent?
    Your webpage says it is.
    I’m confused.

    Congratulations on the free PR.

  11. It is with anger and frustration that I write to you about Newtownabbey Council’s decision to cancel your production at Theatre at the Mill. Just when one thinks Northern Ireland is moving forward, we get plunged back into the dark ages by petty, narrow-minded, self-seeking politicians who speak only on behalf of themselves. Given we actually still live in a democracy, the people of Northern Ireland are capable of making their own decisions and do not need fundamentalists or extremists of any hue deciding what is “good” or “bad” for us. It is clear that freedom of expression as a fundamental right was “sacrificed” here so particular councillors would gain a majority on the council’s artistic committee. As an actress and director I am horrified at this decision and join with you in fighting against such censorship. I understand you are teching and dressing on the 29th and 30th and wondered (pending availability) whether you would welcome some equity members coming along to the dress to support you at Theatre at the Mill. I look forward to hearing from you. Onwards and upwards comrades. Carol Moore (Northern Ireland Equity Branch Secretary)

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